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IOSHA ltd is committed on promoting the culture of safety, by im- plementing the Occupational Safety and Health standard among the industry through organizing different promotional activities, like seminars, workshops, distributing bulletins and promotional materials, etc. It aims to assist the industry to establish a safety and health work- place.

IOSHA Ltd provides the right training for the right target group in the right way to ensure the best possible outcome for everyone involved, regardless of where they are in the world with IOSHA Ltd experienced and competent trainers.

IOSHA Participate in Inspection activities regarding OSH and advo- cate for employers and employee committed in OSH domain. In- spections involved include onsite visits, Management Inspections, awareness on OSH, screening of diseases and injuries at work, etc.

In Training we utilise our expertise and competencies to raise awareness re- garding OSH practice in different facilities including Industry, Banks, Office Based Work, Mining, Processing industries, Mass Production companies, Large Stores, Construction companies, transport Companies and among the IOSHA programs include:

  1. Awareness program on OSH standards and practice at work place
  2. Awareness program on Communicable Diseases for remote Based Workers
  3. Awareness program on Non-Communicable Disease (Cardio vas- cular Diabetes, Cancer) and Lifestyle change management.
  4. Awareness on Material Handling and Workstation practice
  5. Awareness programs on Hazard identification and workplace injury Prevention
  6. Awareness program on Safe Body Mechanics at work for employers and employees
  7. Awareness Program on Mental Health at Workplace.