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The health promotion service leads the implementation of health promotion approaches in order to tackle health inequalities and improve health across the populations. Including Ergonomics Services and physical education services.


The purpose of the IOSHA Ergonomics Services is to fit the job to the worker by preventing injuries and and diseases as well as costs to the organization, associated with repetitive stress inju- ries. This is done through a combination training courses, engi- neering controls and workstation modifications.


Physical activity education Service is important in the development of employee injury prevention practices and the risk management of organisation. Physical ac- tivity education empower the employee to understand their risk of injury in the workplace and allow them to identify, assess and fix or re-assess their practices to minimise future risk of injury.

To be effective, physical activity education need em- ployee engagement, through the development of health and safety knowledge, should be actively sup- ported by peers, managers, supervisors and a positive safety culture in the workplace.

Physical inactivity is a key determinant of health across the lifespan. A lack of activity increases the risk of heart disease, colon and breast cancer, diabetes mellitus, hypertension, osteoporosis, anxiety and depression and others diseases. The prevalence and substantial disease, risk associated with physical inactivity has been described as a pandemic.


IOSHA Ltd develop a recreation and home based physical ac- tivity program for employee. With the expertise we help employees to gain their physi- cal performance to mathc with their Job demands.

A Customized physical training has its benefits and impact on daily activities at work includ- ing improved morale and satis- faction of the employee at his workplace.

Our Consultant develop a phys- ical activity program based on individual Needs.

A well supervised and monitored fitness for work is among the most advocated interventions at the workplace to socialize work- ers with employers and prevent injuries of various kinds.


The injury prevention program ensures a safe, comfortable and inju- ry-free work environment for all employees by providing them with the knowledge and awareness necessary to remain safe throughout the course of daily work activities.

We provide:
  • Investigations of work related accidents, Incidents at work
  • Job demands and Task analysis
  • Pre-placement work assessment
  • Return to work programs


Job demand and Task Analysis services involves a comprehen- sive examination and breakdown of the demands specific to a particular task within a workplace. These services are conducted by experienced Occupational Health Consultants, with extensive knowledge of workplace environments, skilled in observation of movement. Our Job demand and Task Analysis services helps or- ganisations identify the inherent requirements of a role and can be used for pre-employment screening.


IOSHA Ltd Consultant work with Health Insurance Com- panies to study Financial implications of injuries and in- cidents which occur at work. This help insuarence com- panies to be engagement in occupational Safety and Health research in the field of Health economics. This helps insurance companies providing health services to be engaged in activities that prevent diseases and injury which will result in reduced direct & indirect costs asso- ciated with work related diseases and injuries as well as increased productivity among companies.


Establishment of OSH Practice in Industry and Workplace

IOSHA Ltd aims to assist enterprises or organizations from different industries to self-regulate and achieve higher standards of occupational safety and health management.

OSH policies Monitoring and Audit/review of OSH in Industry

Occupational Safety and health Audit / Review is a way of monitoring Occupational safety and health perfor- mance pro-actively. IOSHA Ltd Team offers professional assistance for organizations to carry out occupational safety and Health audit and Monitoring by Indepen- dent Occupational Safety and Health Audit Scheme.

Occupational Safety and Health Management Advisory Services

With an understanding of the safety and health man- agement system of an individual organization, expe- rienced consultants will make recommendations on ways of improving the knowledge and skills of the management.

IOSHA Ltd has extensive experience in conducting consultancy services for different sectors and in- dustries in Rwanda. We have delivered professional consultancy and advisory services for different orga- nizations, these would not only help to improve the OSH level and knowledge by assessing their safety management and control measures, but also the OSH performance of employees with our expertise and qualification, we will continue to provide consul- tancy services to help improve the safety and health of Rwanda industries and worldwide.