What We Do With Our Own Hand.

IOSHA Health Promotion Services

The health promotion service leads the implementation of health promotion approaches in order to tackle health inequalities and improve health across the populations. Including Ergonomics Services and physical education services.

Ergonomics Services

The purpose of the IOSHA Ergonomics Services is to prevent pain and discomfort, as well as costs to the organization, associated with repetitive stress injuries. This is done through a combination of workplace training, evaluation of workstations and work practices, and the

Physical activity education service

Physical activity education Service is important in the development of employee injury prevention practices and the risk management of an organisation. Physical activity education empower the employee to understand their risk of injury in the workplace and allow them to identify, assess and fix or re-assess their practices to minimise future risk of injury.

Work-Related Injuries Prevention Services

The injury prevention program ensures a safe, comfortable and injury-free work environment for all employees by providing them with the knowledge and awareness necessary to remain safe throughout the course of daily work activities.


IOSHA Ltd aims to assist enterprises or organizations from different industries to self-regulate and achieve higher standards of occupational safety and health management.

IOSHA Research Program

IOSHA ltd dedicated to undertake continuing studies and researches on occupational safety and health with our experienced research team. These researches are important to develop strategies and directions, which help enhance the effectiveness of our effort in promoting Occupational Safety and Health standards across all occupations.