This is the foundation of the IOSHA Ltd.’s business. We conduct ourselves with honesty, fairness and independence from undue influence. We consistently keep our promises.


Saving lives. We hold ourselves accountable to each other in our daily work. We hold our clients accountable for following the required health and safety practices. We publicly hold ourselves accountable to the people for maintaining an environment that ensures healthy and safe workplaces.


Getting results. We continuously develop ourselves to maintain leading edge technical and leadership capabilities. We get quality results by the practical application of the best health and safety practices. We are objective, committed, confident and courageous in making decisions that best protect people in workplaces.


A fundamental cornerstone. We are committed to maintaining the highest level of safety, health and welfare at all workplaces. We are committed to encouraging industrial peace and harmony at the workplace to assure maximum productivity for the nations. Our commitment to treat fairly with both employers and employees and other duty holders is steadfast.